Monday, August 23, 2004

I am so sorry that i haven't updated in SO LONG!! Can you imagine? I am so sorry....regardless there really isn't too much to share on everything. My wedding plans are still going strong and I am lovin’ every single second of it, although I have been very lax this say the least.

I have a great job working for a cultural pr firm, and i love everything about it, it gets me out and about in the city....I don't watch BB at all, but that hasn't changed. I didn't watch bb4 and I am not watching bb5! But I do talk to Robert from bb4 plenty and he is always giving me the inside scoop...I am also very good friends with Dana who is absolutely wonderful and like most New York women, was very misunderstood...shocker!

Anyway...please visit often, as i promise to update at least every few weeks and I will be checking my emails now which i wasn't doing before!!

Thank you for checking in with me...i wish i had more to report but it is the summer and basically i am trying to figure out where to go next week for vacation, I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE when the republicans come to TOWN!!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hey everyone,
This is just the webmaster letting you know of the new look of the site! I hope you like it, send your comments to us at

I will also get Chiara to update as often as she can about her wedding, and when you can expect your invitations in the mail. ;)

Anyways, have a goodnight / day / evening wherever you are!

Monday, January 05, 2004

Sorry its been so long, i always say that, but anyway, for all of you who still tune in and read, thanks!!
Happy New Year, I hope 2004 is a great one! I am certainly looking forward to it, although its not the year i will be getting married, we have a date set but its not in 2004.
Everything is else is going very well...planning for a wedding is a lot of fun and very time consuming...but a lot of fun.
The holidays were great, very busy not that we entertain two families and try to see everyone..I got to see a lot of friends over new years, and it was a great party.
Anyway..that's about it, sorry so boring but with nothing really going on, 2004 starting off as it should, slow and steady. stay tuned for wedding details and fun stuff.


Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Well now forget it, if anyone is even reading this at this point, i will be highly impressed, its been so long...but its november and a lot of things have changed...
i started a new job which i love and i am back doing marketing so i can't complain..enjoying the city. i have had the pleasure of hearing from some of the bb4 hg's which was very nice to hear from them, and one of these days hopefully i will get to meet either dana or jun. being that we all live so close.
i think i might see tonya in a few days and i am still so close to many of the hgs from my year.
i moved into a new apartment which is awesome, and so absolutely wonderful...don't plan on moving for a very long time.
and of course LAST but certainly not least....i got ENGAGED. to the most wonderful human being on the planet...i consider myself one of the luckiest girls in the world...and i am so happy to be enjoying this time of the year right before the holidays begin with my new fiance...nobody knows him and he will remain nameless and faceless..
the wedding isn't for awhile..but stay tuned, i will be giving updates as they come!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

oh my GOSH so sorry that it has taken me so freaking long to get an update out, but its been a tad hectic in my little world. Along with getting a new apartment, and work being absolutely ridiculous, i had the flu and was bed ridden for awhile, but now back in tip top condition.
everything is great in NYC, we just had our 2nd anniversary for 9/11 and touching as always, always a reminder of what the US endured and how strong we really are. It doesn't feel like anything is truly solved around the globe, but hopefully we are closer to the end then the beginning.
Confession...i don't watch or haven't watched bb in awhile, i have put it on, tried to get into it and then turned it off..i do however have great fans who keep in the loop and tell me what is going on. I can't say i am very pleased with the final two or what it seems is going to be the final two. GRIM. Jun or Allison, dumb or dumber? worse or worse?
i wish robert had a chance, but he gave it away when he decided not to hold onto the key you can't really feel bad for him...strange to think another year is almost done and i can't say i am sad at all.
Other then that i have nothing really new to report...oh and one more thing, i think its absolutely horrific what those girls said about robert's daughter in the house and therefore on the web. i have done my fair mistakes of saying stuff i shouldn't have said, as you can all attest to i am sure, but this goes way beyond the game, and therefore way beyond the boundaries of horrific things that just shouldn't be said about one's daughter.
i guess you can't expect much more from them though :(

Thursday, August 21, 2003

well another eviction night, which means less and less in the house, last night was my official eviction night, i lit a candle, shed a tear, NOT really. but you know, it was strange to think a year ago to the day i was exiting the bb3 house and life as i knew it would be different. For nothing else then the tourists on hollywood blvd, would recognize me.
not sure how i feel about the three amigos being split up...i love them, i think they are great, and even though i don't watch the show, for nothing else it was nice to see something else going on in that house besides game playing and back stabbing. friendships to get formed in that house, more then even the outside audience can truly ever understand, hence why amy and i could quickly patch things up after the show, the game brings out some bad things in people and when you get down to it, you are in a very unique situation...once its all said and done, you realize what a great experience you shared with these people.
okay i am not going to lie...i am a tad jealous...about the eviction house, i mean WHAT THE HECK!! i want to go there, i want to be able to decompress there...i have to say there is nothing better then knowing that the bb4 people do not have to leave the game, leave the lot and not have CBS not look back at them, but instead they have some time to decompress from the game, the emotional baggage and most of all civilization. i think it was a great idea to do this, and i am just jealous bb3 didn't get that.
that's all that's it, when the heck is ALI going? i can't stand her. urgh.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

New Posts are so hard to keep up with, thank GOD i have my webmaster kicking my butt to update. Okay, so what's new to report, well i have to say i am very OUT of the bb loop. i watched Wednesday's eviction...poor dana, but then again, i heard she didn't have very plenty things to say about me in the house, so whatever. i am glad that justin won, i like the three amigos, not sure why i just do, i think b/c they are really the only entertaining thing in the house, from what i have seen so far. allison is annoying but then again so was i, so i can't really rant on about her, although snaps on her game ability, she is playing the game, that's for sure.
i really want erika to win at this point...her or Jee, that's my two picks this week, don't plan on watching tonight, but i will get updated, and then see how i feel. i like the live voting, so soon in the game. i hope Jack wins and nate gets the boot, he's an idiot.