Wednesday, August 13, 2003

New Posts are so hard to keep up with, thank GOD i have my webmaster kicking my butt to update. Okay, so what's new to report, well i have to say i am very OUT of the bb loop. i watched Wednesday's eviction...poor dana, but then again, i heard she didn't have very plenty things to say about me in the house, so whatever. i am glad that justin won, i like the three amigos, not sure why i just do, i think b/c they are really the only entertaining thing in the house, from what i have seen so far. allison is annoying but then again so was i, so i can't really rant on about her, although snaps on her game ability, she is playing the game, that's for sure.
i really want erika to win at this point...her or Jee, that's my two picks this week, don't plan on watching tonight, but i will get updated, and then see how i feel. i like the live voting, so soon in the game. i hope Jack wins and nate gets the boot, he's an idiot.


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