Thursday, August 21, 2003

well another eviction night, which means less and less in the house, last night was my official eviction night, i lit a candle, shed a tear, NOT really. but you know, it was strange to think a year ago to the day i was exiting the bb3 house and life as i knew it would be different. For nothing else then the tourists on hollywood blvd, would recognize me.
not sure how i feel about the three amigos being split up...i love them, i think they are great, and even though i don't watch the show, for nothing else it was nice to see something else going on in that house besides game playing and back stabbing. friendships to get formed in that house, more then even the outside audience can truly ever understand, hence why amy and i could quickly patch things up after the show, the game brings out some bad things in people and when you get down to it, you are in a very unique situation...once its all said and done, you realize what a great experience you shared with these people.
okay i am not going to lie...i am a tad jealous...about the eviction house, i mean WHAT THE HECK!! i want to go there, i want to be able to decompress there...i have to say there is nothing better then knowing that the bb4 people do not have to leave the game, leave the lot and not have CBS not look back at them, but instead they have some time to decompress from the game, the emotional baggage and most of all civilization. i think it was a great idea to do this, and i am just jealous bb3 didn't get that.
that's all that's it, when the heck is ALI going? i can't stand her. urgh.


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