Tuesday, September 16, 2003

oh my GOSH so sorry that it has taken me so freaking long to get an update out, but its been a tad hectic in my little world. Along with getting a new apartment, and work being absolutely ridiculous, i had the flu and was bed ridden for awhile, but now back in tip top condition.
everything is great in NYC, we just had our 2nd anniversary for 9/11 and touching as always, always a reminder of what the US endured and how strong we really are. It doesn't feel like anything is truly solved around the globe, but hopefully we are closer to the end then the beginning.
Confession...i don't watch or haven't watched bb in awhile, i have put it on, tried to get into it and then turned it off..i do however have great fans who keep in the loop and tell me what is going on. I can't say i am very pleased with the final two or what it seems is going to be the final two. GRIM. Jun or Allison, dumb or dumber? worse or worse?
i wish robert had a chance, but he gave it away when he decided not to hold onto the key anymore...so you can't really feel bad for him...strange to think another year is almost done and i can't say i am sad at all.
Other then that i have nothing really new to report...oh and one more thing, i think its absolutely horrific what those girls said about robert's daughter in the house and therefore on the web. i have done my fair mistakes of saying stuff i shouldn't have said, as you can all attest to i am sure, but this goes way beyond the game, and therefore way beyond the boundaries of horrific things that just shouldn't be said about one's daughter.
i guess you can't expect much more from them though :(


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